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What Causes Blocked Toilets and Blocked Drains in Reigate?

As most people know, a blocked toilet is a very unpleasant experience. In Reigate alone, we are called out almost daily to clear a system. Some people try and tackle problems with blocked drains and blocked toilets themselves with the aid of a plunger or by throwing hot water down the pan to remove the contents of the bowl. Most will eventually look for professional advice if these methods don’t clear the toilet or a blocked drain.


Here are the most common factors for blocked toilets in Reigate:


Toilet Paper

Too much paper used at any one point and dealt with in a single flush can cause a blocked toilet. Some paper doesn’t dissolve as easily as others so the build-up of toilet paper can sometimes get caught in the pipe over a period of time.


Sanitary Products

Feminine hygiene products are meant for the bin and not the bowl. Many blocked toilets and blocked drains in Reigate are caused by the disposal of sanitary pads and tampons. Also, cotton balls and pads expand in water and enough of them together will clog to cause a blocked drain or a blocked toilet.


Kids Toys and Nappies

Dropping a small toy or Lego into the toilet might seem like a great idea to a 4-year old but can soon become a nightmare for Mum and Dad. Yet many parents happily throw nappies down the toilet. A large part of what we do is removing nappies from blocked drains or blocked toilets on behalf of slightly embarrassed Reigate homeowners.


24/7 Call Out Services in Reigate

If the traditional way of clearing your Reigate home of blocked toilets or blocked drains doesn’t work, such as plunging or pouring caustic soda, then you need to ring us. We are able to get to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We have state-of-the-art equipment to help rid your drains of all blockages and if the problem is more serious than first anticipated, we will be able to pinpoint things more accurately with our CCTV survey cameras.


For blocked drains, toilets and plumbing services in Reigate, call us today. We are competitively priced and our company is fully insured.

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