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Blocked Drains and Blocked Toilets in Crawley | Top Tips

At CLS 24 Hour Plumbing and Drainage in Horley, we provide an extensive range of services to customers in Crawley and the surrounding area. This includes clearing blocked toilets and blocked drains, for which we have carried out numerous repairs for domestic and commercial clients in the Surrey and Sussex regions.


As a professional plumber for many years, we understand the frustration and damages a blocked toilet or blocked drain can cause, which is why in this blog post we’re sharing some of our top tips on unblocking toilets and drains in a safe and hygienic way.



How to Fix Blocked Toilets


Cover up

If you’re attempting to fix blocked toilets or blocked drains, prepare for it to be a messy job. Avoid coming directly into contact with any waste by wearing protective equipment such as long rubber gloves and protective glasses.


Avoid flushing

If you have a block in your toilet the last thing we recommend Crawley property owners do is flush. This can cause the toilet bowl to fill up with dirty water and potentially overflow onto the bathroom floor. If this does happen, the best thing to do is to call an emergency plumber who can arrive quickly to rectify the problem.


Turn off the water

To eliminate the risk of flooding or further flooding, it is useful to turn off the water supply to the toilet. For most toilet systems installed in Crawley properties, you should be able to find a tap behind the toilet which you can turn to shut the water supply off.


Take the plunge

If you’re wearing protective gloves, put your hand into the toilet and feel around for any blockages you may be able to loosen or remove. If this doesn’t work, use a plunger by completely submerging it to create a tight seal and gently moving it up and down to loosen the blockage. There are specific plunges for fixing blocked toilets or blocked drains, so make sure you’re using the correct one.


Remove waste safely

If the techniques above work effectively, remove the loosened waste and blockage from the toilet carefully. The best way to do this is to have a bin bag close by so you don’t drip any dirty water or waste onto the bathroom floor of your Crawley property. Tie this up and dispose of the waste in the most hygienic and environmentally-friendly way.



How to Fix Blocked Drains


Blocked drains are often much trickier to fix than blocked toilets and if there is a major block the best thing to do is to call our CLS 24-7 for emergency plumber services. If you have a minor block and think you have the skills and equipment to repair the problem, take care to go about the task safely. Here are some of our top tips for unblocking drains:


  • Identify where the problem is
  • Pour half a cup of salt followed by boiling water down the drain and run the hot tap
  • Use a bottle of drain unblocker, pouring this down the drain and leaving it overnight
  • Try using a drain plunger to loosen the blockage
  • If you’re trying to unblock an outside drain, use drainage rods carefully


Rinse the drain after removing a blockage by running clean water through the system

If you’re still having issues with blocked drains or blocked toilets, do not hesitate to contact us for emergency plumbing solutions in Crawley. We offer competitive prices and free estimates.


Blocked toilets or blocked drains in the Crawley area? Call CLS 24-7 today on 07984 619796 or 01293 773730 for fast and effective solutions.

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